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GreenBytes vIO for Desktop Virtualization

Just Announced: vIO 4.1! New Features Include:

Improved Virtual Storage Appliance
Fast Copy
Site Recovery
Rapid Configure
Operations Console
Optimized Deduplication Hashing Functions
Optimized Compression
VDI Block Size Optimization
LUN-Based QOS (Quality of Service)
Improved SNMP Reporting
NFS VAAI (VMware vStorage API for Array Integration)


Featuring GreenBytes’ patented zero latency inline deduplication technology, vIO 4.1 was architected to enable OEMs to deliver cost effective, cloud-scale desktop virtualization. The GreenBytes vIO 4.1 virtual storage solution enables OEMs to quickly enter into the growing VDI market by creating customizable packages of high quality, ultra-performant, full-featured desktop virtualization solutions that are simple, easy to deploy, and scale from departmental to cloud, increasing customer time-to-value.


The GreenBytes vIO™ virtual storage appliance was designed from the ground up as a desktop virtualization solution, providing the full-featured persistent virtual desktops that users want, with the manageability, scalability and affordability that make it possible. The vIO enables IT administrators to increase the performance and improve the end user experience of a new or existing virtual desktop infrastructure by integrating GreenBytes’ patented zero latency inline deduplication software and high-speed Flash with a VMware ESXi host.

Ben Woo, Managing Director, Neuralytix
“GreenBytes’ vIO virtual storage solution for OEMs and service providers addresses the challenges associated with storage for virtual desktop environments. Beyond all other measures, time-to-market is the key metric for OEMs and service providers. They need to deliver high performance packaged persistent or non-persistent virtual desktop solutions. GreenBytes’ patented zero latency inline deduplication technology does just that while minimizing the cost and allowing OEMs and service providers to maximize margin.”

By moving the virtual desktop datastores to the vIO, inconsistent performance and crippling congestion become a thing of the past. Deployed and ready to present storage locally or externally via iSCSI or NFS in less than five minutes, IT can deliver persistent or non-persistent desktop images through their preferred desktop broker interface,  increasing performance, driving down costs and avoiding user interruption while protecting existing storage and infrastructure investments.


GreenBytes vIO

How Does it Scale?

The vIO is cloud-scalable and can size to any desktop virtualization environment by deploying multiple vIO instances. For 1000+ virtual desktop deployments, customers can also utilize the pre-configured IO Offload Engine hardware appliance that supports from 100s to 1000s of persistent or non-persistent virtual desktops over 10GbE iSCSI or 8 or 16Gb Fibre Channel.


Smart, Purpose-Built

Reduce the amount of flash required to support desktop virtualization by as much as 98% with GreenBytes’ patented zero latency inline deduplication.


Pure Simplicity

Cloud-Ready, Plug-and-Play. Desktop Virtualization in 5 minutes. From departmental to cloud-scale.


Ecosystem Agnostic

No matter what infrastructure you have, your existing investments are protected.


It’s Your Desktop, Virtualized.

Everyone knows that storage-related IO is the principal bottleneck for desktop virtualization, and many vendors are promoting flash as the solution. But deploying flash without GreenBytes’ patented inline deduplication technology is cost prohibitive. GreenBytes has true, real-time, inline deduplication that enables the delivery of full-featured persistent virtual desktops, providing end users with a superior virtual desktop experience that is similar to the physical desktop they are most familiar with, all with up to 98% less storage space required.


Competing solutions offer some of the components that enable desktop virtualization to work, but only GreenBytes’ vIO and IO Offload Engine combine all of the integral features into a single, easy  to deploy and scale desktop virtualization solution. End user computing teams can continue to leverage their existing storage, working practices, management tools, and years of knowledge and experience.


The Bottom Line

The vIO is the simplest, smartest way to deploy desktop virtualization, from departmental to cloud-scale. All the cost, performance and user experience advantages of the IO Offload Engine are now available to smaller enterprises as well as cloud-scale service providers and OEMs with the vIO.


Quick to install and deploy, with no racking, stacking or cabling required, simply introduce the vIO virtual storage appliance to the desktop virtualization infrastructure, enter a few configuration details, press play, and off you go.


The GreenBytes vIO is uniquely simple, affordable, compatible and effective.

Danny Allan, CTO, Desktone
“GreenBytes’ vIO is a best-in-class solution, truly delivering on its promise of meeting the most demanding desktop virtualization use cases. Their patented zero latency inline deduplication technology delivers exceptional performance, even during boot and provisioning activities, and is completely transparent to existing architectures. The product is mature, vendor agnostic, and can cost-effectively handle cloud-scale deployments while offering a full-featured virtual desktop experience, delivering on SLAs that end-users expect.”

GreenBytes vIO Feature Highlights

•   Provides IO Offload for 100 or more persistent or non-persistent virtual desktops

•   Storage vendor and ecosystem agnostic

•   NFS and iSCSI

•  Supports asynchronous and snapshot replication for backup and recovery

•  Plug-and-play with VMware ESXi – no hardware dependancies

•  Designed to work with a PCIe-based flash card, local SSD storage or flash-based storage controller

•  Up to 98% less storage space required

•  Scalable, from departmental to cloud


  Steve Duplessie, Founder and Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

“Large-scale deployments of VDI are rare at best because users find VDI at scale is outrageously expensive and complex. GreenBytes’ vIO for VDI ends both of these issues, allowing VDI deployments to scale massively, easily, and ridiculously inexpensively.  I love this idea!”




Service & Support

GreenBytes products are backed with a rock-solid warranty and 24/7/365 support.

Extend your coverage to 1, 2, or 3 years beyond the complementary warranty period with our Gold support option.


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