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The Next Holy Grail

by Jim McCullough, Senior Sales Engineer, GreenBytes

IOPS has been a constant drum beat for the last year when discussing storage for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). We can see that everyone was listening. After years of predictive explosion in the desktop as a service (DaaS) model, pursued by business management and marketing, it stalled. Deployed enterprise storage just wasn’t designed to service this kind of load.

With the New Year come predictions, and most are in agreement that flash is here to stay and virtual desktops are again predicted to take off. We have seen the big companies going on buying sprees, scrambling to get a foothold in the enterprise flash play.

This is all good, and GreenBytes has been beating the drums along with the rest of the industry for IOPS; however, this year, the drum is driving a new beat.

Flash is still too expensive just to purchase in bulk. Simply replacing spinning media with flash certainly would solve the short-term problem, but that strategy isn’t realistic or smart.

GreenBytes’ patented inline deduplication, with an incredibly efficient engine at line speed, ingests, deduplicates, compresses and writes, all in non-volatile storage, stored in the safest operating system designed. Beyond our patented inline dedupe for flash, GreenBytes holds additional patented designs from energy efficiency to sliced RAID to deduplicated replication, and is radically ahead of the competition.

My prediction is application flash will take one direction and desktop infrastructure will take another, but they will all end up with deduplication and compression as the next step in the Holy Grail of fixing what’s wrong with storage.

GreenBytes is already there – optimized and ready to unleash the promise of desktop virtualization.



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